HandsOnArchitects celebrates its first anniversary

12 March 2024, 2 min read

First HoA anniversary

As HandsOnArchitects marks its first anniversary, we're excited to revisit our top-performing blog posts that have resonated with our amazing community.

As we celebrate our first anniversary, we're excited to revisit our top-performing blog posts that have resonated with our amazing community.

Simple Trick to Use Dynamic Values in Helm

Our guide on leveraging dynamic values in Helm charts has been a go-to resource for Kubernetes enthusiasts. This simple yet quite effective trick has helped readers streamline their Helm deployments, making it a valuable asset for those navigating the complexities of Kubernetes. Expect more insightful content on Kubernetes and Helm in the year ahead! Read more here.

Manage complexity for demonstration environments

Team dynamics are crucial in the tech world, and our post on building goal-oriented micro teams struck a chord with team leaders and developers alike. By diving into the principles of effective team structuring, we emphasize the importance of clear goals and streamlined communication. We will continue to explore the dynamics of high-performing teams in the next year. Read more here.

How to Manage Your Time as a Software Engineer - 5 Practical Tips and Tools

Time management is an ongoing challenge in the fast-paced realm of software development. Although it is one of the most recent posts, it has quickly become one of most popular among our readers. As we reflect on our first year, these time management strategies continue to be a beacon for developers seeking balance. There is a chance you will hear more about this topic from us, maybe in the form of presentations or workshops. Read more here.

Just-in-Time Knowledge Sharing

In this blog, we touch on the concept of just-in-time knowledge sharing that we started to introduce in our teams in 2021. This post underscores the importance of timely knowledge transfer within development teams. This position resonated with our community's thirst for continuous learning. As we celebrate this milestone, we extend our gratitude to our community for making the first year of HandsOnArchitects truly exceptional. Read more here.

We look forward to another year of insightful content and meaningful connections. Thank you for being part of our journey!

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Maciej Laskowski - software architect with deep hands-on experience. Continuous Delivery evangelist, architecture trade offs analyst, cloud-native solutions enthusiast.

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Tomasz Michalak - a hands-on software architect interested in TDD and DDD who translates engineering complexity into the language of trade-offs and goals.

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